Shoulder & Back Massage

UK_Holistics_Training_Swedish_Massage_CourseShoulder and Back Massage:

A Shoulder and Back Massage is a rejuvenating upper body massage focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands.

It is a wonderful relaxing treatment for people holding tension in the upper body and who don’t have the time for a full-body massage.

Benefits experienced by people after receiving a shoulder and back massage include:

  • Reduction of muscle stiffness and tension in the upper body
  • Helps bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain which enhances mental clarity
  • Reduces fatigue and pain in muscles of the upper body
  • Creates a heightened sense of overall well-being
  • Improves posture, balance, and flexibility
  • Can provide relief from headaches caused by tension held in shoulders, back and neck

How long is a Shoulder and Back Massage session?

The length of one session is approx. 20 minutes.

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