Reflexology (foot)

Reflexology (foot):

refelxology-foot-chartReflexology, also referred to as ‘zone therapy’, is a natural non-invasive healing treatment. It is based on the principle that there are reflex points on our feet connecting to all parts and organs of our body. Reflexology treatments are given while the client is fully dressed, only shoes and socks are removed.

Reflexology is the practice of acupressure, energy and massage techniques that help clients by shifting their nervous responses from the “sympathetic” (fight or flight response) to the “parasympathetic” (state of rest and digest) nervous system. To be able to heal, our body needs to be in the parasympathetic nervous response, as it is in this system that the body moves back to homeostasis or a place of balance.

With our busy lives, many people suffer from some form of stress, which shifts the nervous responses into the ‘fight or flight’ mode, causing serious consequences to the body such as: increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, headaches, tension in the body, etc. While being in this ‘fight or flight’ response, the body stops repairing tissue and slows digestion, as it is only in ‘survival mode’. With the application of Reflexology and the activation of specific reflex points, the body’s nervous response will be shifted back to its natural state of balance and the body is able to heal, repair tissue, improve digestion, and an overall feeling of good health, relaxation, and well-being is experienced.

It is well known that many health conditions and diseases are a result of imbalances in body and nervous system, which create stressful situations to the body.

Benefits reported from Reflexology treatments:

  • Reduction of stress and relief of tension
  • Relaxing and balancing of body and mind
  • Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Improvement of Sciatic conditions
  • Support in regulation of hormonal imbalances
  • Support in regulation of blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increase of overall well-being
  • Improved functions of digestive organs
  • Promotes the natural function of the body
  • May break up deposits of lactic and uric acids caused by poor circulation
  • Said to be very effective for pain relief

Who can benefit from a Reflexology treatment?

In general everyone can benefit from Reflexology. It is suitable for all ages – from newborn to elderly.

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the frequency of a treatment, length of a session, and the pressure used during a treatment, if the following physical conditions are present:

  • Very young and newborn
  • Elderly
  • Ill people
  • Pre- and post-surgery clients
  • Cardiac clients
  • Diabetic
  • Pregnancy (after first trimester)

Reflexology should not be given, if there is one of the following conditions:

  • A contagious or infectious disease, such as Athletes Foot
  • A client is on strong pain medications such as morphine
  • There is deep vein Thrombosis
  • There are Cardiovascular heart conditions
  • During pregnancy up to first trimester  (first 12 weeks)

How long is a Reflexology session?

The length of one session is about 60 minutes. Your first visit will include a short health assessment and brief discussion of your medical history.

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