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All treatments and massages are performed in a safe environment where the client is covered the entire time during the massages.

European Lymph Drainage Massage:

The European Lymph Drainage Massage (ELD) is a wonderful healing massage which combines the movements of Manual Lymphatic Drainage with a gentle European Massage.

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60 min: $ 50.00

Reflexology (foot):

Foot Reflexology is the combined practice of acupressure, energy and massage techniques applied to the feet. Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex points on our feet connecting to all parts and organs of our body. These reflex points can be stimulated with special techniques applied during the treatment.

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60 min: $ 50.00

The Ultimate Healing Package:

The combination of foot reflexology, energy work, and a gentle whole body massage is a powerful experience. It supports the body’s own healing process, helps to shift into a wonderful deep relaxation, and aids in balancing of body, mind, and spirit.

110 min: $ 90.00

Swedish Massage:

The Swedish Massage it one of the most commonly used massages in the world. It is typically known as a muscle massage, as it is a deeper and more stimulating massage. It is great for relief and relaxation of stressed and tired muscles.

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60 min: $ 60.00

Hot Stone Massage :

For many people a Hot Stone Massage is the most relaxing massage of all. Basalt stones are heated up and applied during the massage. A Hot Stone Massage relaxes, sedates body and mind, and relaxes the muscles. It is a wonderful tool to create both peace and harmony within the body.

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60 min: $ 65.00

Shoulder and Back Massage:

A Shoulder and Back Massage is a rejuvenating upper body massage focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. It is a wonderful relaxing treatment for people holding tension in the upper body and who don’t have the time for a full-body massage.

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20 min: $ 25.00

Chair Massage:

Chair Massage is an upper body massage focusing on shoulders, back, and neck. People are seated on a special massage chair with their clothes on. No oil or lotion is used during the chair massage. It is a wonderful relaxing treatment for people on the go, convenient for large groups, very popular on a corporate level to reduce stress of employees and employers themselves. It is also suitable for elderly people of all ages and mobility levels.

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10 min: $ 15.00
15 min: $ 20.00 

Therapeutic Touch Treatment: 

Therapeutic Touch is a non-invasive treatment, where the practitioner acts as a human support system and uses the own healthy energy field to guide the re-patterning of the healee’s weakened and disrupted energy flow. It is a natural, safe, and gentle approach to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. 

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20 min for the treatment, plus resting period of 15 min:      $ 20.00


Gift Certificates are available for all services.

Payment methods:

Personal cheques or cash are accepted. Payment is due in full at the time of your visit.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please be aware that scientifically, massages and relaxation treatments do not cure any illnesses or diseases, but are an excellent supplementary health care support. In any case, Massages, Reflexology or Therapeutic Touch treatments are never a replacement for a physician.