Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage (can be combined with cold stones):

hot-stone-massage2For many people a Hot Stones Massage is the most relaxing massage of all. Basalt stones (lava rocks) are heated up and applied during the massage. A Hot stone Massage relaxes, sedates the body and mind, and also relaxes the muscles. It is a wonderful tool to create peace and harmony in the body.

The natural vibration of the Basalt Stones are said to have a balancing and cleansing effect. The combined application of massage strokes with Hot Stone application provides an intensified contact with the unique stone energy and the universal energy, assisting with a person’s internal energy flow and directing vital energy to areas of blockages.

When using hot stones for massaging the body, an increase of blood flow to these areas will occur. And when circulation in the body is increased, then so is the supply of nutrients to the cells. It is also said that, when the blood flow through the skin is increased, detoxification is increased, which will benefit the liver, bowel, kidneys, and the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Chilled Stones can be applied to the body to bring down inflammation and encourage healing responses in the body. The application of chilled stones also will facilitate the removal of toxins and remove access heat from the body. Chilled stone application is said to be beneficial for people with arthritis, strains, sprains, bruises, varicose veins, and fibromyalgia.

hot-stone-massage-2Benefits reported from Hot Stone Massages:

  • Deeper muscle relaxation
  • Promotion of stress reduction
  • Decrease of sciatic pain
  • Supporting the natural balancing of the body’s energy centers
  • Improved lymphatic circulation and improved general circulation

Contraindications to Hot Stone Massage –  A Hot Stone Massage should not be applied, if any one of the following symptoms is present:

  • High blood pressure, heart disease, or any other heart condition
  • Acute injury or inflammation
  • Pregnancy (up to 4 months)
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Ulcers
  • Any disease where there is nerve damage, Neuropathic diseases
  • Nerve surgery, resulting in loss of body sensation
  • Using medication that may react to heat
  • Anybody on medications like Analgesics (pain reducers), Anti-Asthmatics, Anti-Inflammatory medication, Muscle Relaxants, or Anti-Coagulants
  • Obese or overweight people, due to challenges to the heart
  • All autoimmune dysfunctions like chronic fatigue syndrome or any other condition where the immune system is already challenged
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Metal implants
  • Any skin condition which may be aggravated by moisture or heat

How long is a Hot Stone Massage session?

The length of one session is about 60 minutes. Your first visit will include a short health assessment and brief discussion of your medical history.

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