Welcome to Ariel’s Oasis
– Centre for Relaxation, Healing and Care.

Ariel's OasisAt Ariel’s Oasis you will experience a wonderful selection and combination of treatments that will support your body’s ability to relax and heal. Our treatments are a conscious way of helping the body prevent disease by rejuvenating and stimulating all of its systems. The application of different massage techniques, geo-thermal treatments (heated or chilled stones), reflexology, and energy work, naturally will encourage and support the body to return to its original state of balance or homeostasis.

What to expect from treatments:

  • Reduction of stress responses
  • Pain relief
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Improved flow of blood and lymph in the body
  • Increased removal of body waste and lung secretions
  • Relief of anxiety and tension
  • Enhanced tissue repair
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased joint movement
  • Release of trapped emotions
  • Overall increase in relaxation and the feeling of well-being

All treatments and massages are done in a safe environment where the client is covered the entire time during the massages.

Come and experience……..